Dates: 1920s


Photocopied extracts from two books about paddles steamers.

Descriptions of the paddle steamers `Bonnie Doon`, `Brighton Queen`, `Barry` (later renamed `Waverley`) and `Britannia` from `West Country Passenger Steamers`, with information on Hector MacFadyen senoir and junior.


Obituary for Gabriel de Fontenay (1927-2001) from the Oban Times, December 2001. Gabriel taught French at Tiree High School from 1976 until his retirement in 1989, at which point he moved to Oban.

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Photocpy of two newspaper articles `Thank you, Tiree!` and `The Late Captain Allan Campbell, Scarinish`.

(1) Letter to the editor of the People`s Journal by T. Henry Ruddich from near Carlisle who stayed on holiday at `Seaside`, Vaul. He praises Tiree as a holiday destination and includes a four-verse poem. (2) Obituary for Allan Campbell of Deobedal, Scarinsh.


Newspaper cutting `TheBest Holiday – On Lone Tiree` dated 16/5/1928, with photocopy.

Description of the best holiday of the author (G. R.) – a fortnight staying with an unnamed fisherman and his wife in Ruaig – mentioning the cost of the holiday, the train journey to Oban, the sail to Scarinish, the good weather in Tiree, home cooking, fishing and golfing at Vaul,