Dates: 1920s


Photograph of Mary Flora MacKinnon, Archibald Campbell and John Kennedy, c. 1915.

Taken outside the thatched house in Balephuil where Mary Flora and her husband Donald MacKinnon lived with Mary Flora`s father Archibald Campbell, c. 1915. L-R: John Kennedy (known as `Clever`), a neighbour, Mary Flora MacKinnon, the mother of the two children and Archibald Campbell. Both men were blind. `Clever` travelled around the world in sailing ships and had the second sight. Donald and Mary Flora emigrated to New Zealand in 1927.



Photocopied extracts from two books about paddles steamers.

Descriptions of the paddle steamers `Bonnie Doon`, `Brighton Queen`, `Barry` (later renamed `Waverley`) and `Britannia` from `West Country Passenger Steamers`, with information on Hector MacFadyen senoir and junior.


Obituary for Gabriel de Fontenay (1927-2001) from the Oban Times, December 2001. Gabriel taught French at Tiree High School from 1976 until his retirement in 1989, at which point he moved to Oban.

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