Dates: 1820s


Account of a visit to Tiree and Coll by Saussure ca 1820

Printed internet book extract concerning Tiree and Coll from `A Voyage to the Hebrides` by Louis Albert Necker-De-Saussure, published in 1821.


Extract from death register and information about Captain John Lamont, Ruaig (1804-1866)

Copy of the death register for Master Shipbuilder Captain John Lamont (Iain na Hongs), Ruaig, from, and information about his family and activities in Hong Kong in the mid 1800s in an email from Kathleen Kennedy to John Holliday in Sept. 2011.

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Information about Rev. Archibald Farquharson (1800-1878) of Tiree

Emailed information about Rev. Archibald Farquharson`s family and genealogy and a list of his publications of Gaelic hymns, poems, language, work, communities and travels in the Highlands and islands from the National Library of Scotland.


Papers relating to bard John MacLean, Caoles (1787-1848)

Copies of papers relating to the life, work and family of John MacLean, shoemaker, Caoles. Known as the `Bard Thighearna Cholla` he was born in 1787, married Isabel Black, Lismore, in 1808, emmigrated to Nova Scotia 1918, died in Nova Scotia 1848. Includes transcripts and photocopies of marriage certificate, a handwritten account of the sale of hides (1816), two letters to his brother dated 1838 and 1840, a promisory note for 9 shillings, a letter from his son Allan to him in 1847.