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Photocopied letter from the factor Hugh MacDiarmid dated 16/9/1898.

Letter from the factor Hugh MacDiarmid dated 16/9/1898 to the Duke`s chamberlain about the demolition of a deceased cottar`s cottage in Gott and the eviction of Donald MacNeill from Mary and Flora MacLean`s croft in Cornaigmore.



Small photograph album titled `Tiree 1925`.

Small photograph albumtitled `Tiree 1925`and containing 21 black and white photographs (An Iodhlann photo nos: W90-W99, X1-X11). Found in a skip and thought originally to come from Silversands, Vaul.


Balemartine Post Office in the 1920s

Postcard of Balemartine Post Office in the 1920s.


Courtesy of Mr Neil MacArthur

This postcard of Balemartine shows the Post Office and surrounding houses as they were in the 1920s. Tiree’s first post office was established in 1802 in Scarinish. Originally spelled Tyree, the name was changed in 1889 to avoid confusion with Tyrie in Aberdeenshire.

There were no internal delivery services until the 1880s and these were by foot. In the following decade three sub-post offices were established at Balemartine, Cornaigmore and Ruaig. A fifth office was added in 1934 at Middleton.

At the beginning of World War II a civilian camp was built at Crossapol to house the thousand construction workers engaged in building the Coastal Command aerodrome. A sub-post office was opened at the camp which was later taken over by the RAF. This office closed around 1946.

Black and white postcard of Balemartine Post Office.

The Post Office and thatched houses at Cu’ Dheis in Balinoe, taken in the 1920s.


Black and white photograph of a Baptist meeting at Middleton House in 1956.

Baptist meeting at Middleton House in 1956. L-R: Elizabeth and John MacDonald, Barrapol (children at front); (front row) Flora MacDonald, Kilkenneth; Hugh MacEachern, Cornaigbeg; Christina Sinclair, Barrapol; Effie Walker nee MacDonald; Robert Tester (boy); Catriona MacArthur, Middleton Post Office (extreme right); (back row) Lachie MacKinnon, Park House; Charles MacDonald, Middleton (at back); Donald MacIntyre, Gott; Mary MacKinnon, Park House; John MacFadyen, Lochside, Barrapol; Duncan MacPhail, Loch Phuil, Balephuil; John Brown, Balephuil sliabh (behind Robert Tester).


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