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Lead and acid accumulator `battery` used in the 1940s

Lead-acid 2V accumulator made by the Chloride Electrical Storage Company around 1940-1950. Two lead plates submerged in sulphuric acid (no longer present) within a glass box with carrying handle. The accumulator would be charged every week and used for powering radio sets (heated the valves).

Tiree in 100 Objects – 27 – Accumulator

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Two badges and a certificate for proficiency in Gaelic conversation, 1930s

Two brass badges (one gold and one red) and a small card certificate awarded to Fionnghal NicFhioghainn (Miss Fiona? MacKinnon), and signed by Neil Shaw on behalf of An Commun Gaidhealach. Mr Shaw came to the school every year in the 1930s to examine the pupils` ability to make Gaelic conversation. Grades of proficiency were gold (bottom grade), colour? (làn/full, second grade) and red (sàr/excellent, top grade).

Tiree in 100 Objects – 73 – An Communn

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Two Communion tokens from the Free Church of Scotland

Two small, oval, lead tokens stamped with “Tiree Free Church” on one side and “Do this in rememberance of me” on the other, belonging to Lachlan and Joanne MacLean, Druimfraoich. Possession of a Communion Token authorised the bearer to take part in Holy Communion. They were widely used in Scotland from the time of the Reformation until the middle of the 19th (20th?) century.

In the weeks before the celebration of Communion the church`s elders (or a Catechist) would visit each member and examine his or her knowledge of the faith and purity of life. Those who met with the elders` approval were given a small lead token, which permitted them to receive Communion. This was to prevent exposing the Lord’s Table ‘to profanation by immoral and unfaithful people`. This example is from the Free Church of Scotland and was manufactured some time after 1843.

Tiree in 100 Objects – 74 – Communion tokens

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Aldis signalling lamp from WWII

`Aldis` signalling lamp in metal and canvas carrying box. Owned by Ian Atkin`s (Balephuil) father during WWII when he was stationed at RAF Tiree. Used to signal the SS Laristan which foundered on rocks behind Ben Hough during WWII. Includes bulb, morse-code switch, colour filters and aperture adjusters.

Tiree in 100 Objects – 72 – Aldis Lamp

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Menu for Christmas dinner at RAF Station, Ben Hough in 1943

Colour photocopy of front and back of a menu for Christmas dinner at the RAF Station at Ben Hough in 1943, autographed by 33 personnel. Found in the papers of Chrissie Blackcroft and given to Flora Druimfraoich by Susan Lamont, Cornaig.

Tiree in 100 Objects – 52 – Christmas menu

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