Associated People: Whyte, Mr Duncan MacGregor, Balephuil (1866 - 1953)


Township history for Cornaigbeg researched and written by Hector MacPhail.

Information about prominent people in Cornaigbeg – Rev Archibald Farquharson, Charles MacGregor Whyte, the MacLeans, MacEacherns, MacCallums and Campbells.

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Black and white photograph of artist Duncan MacGregor Whyte.

Duncan MacGregor Whyte (1864-1953), artist, who built a studio at Ceann na Creige in Balephuill. He was the son of Rev. Charles Whyte, Congregational minister in Oban, and Eliza Farquharson, the daughter of Rev. Archibald Farquharson, Congregational minister in Tiree 1832-1878. He married Mary Barnard, another artist, who came originally from Holts in Wiltshire.