Associated People: Thomson, Miss Catherine Ann, Ruaig


CD “Home to Argyll with Ethel MacCallum”

CD of songs, music, singing and spoken words by Ethel MacCallum who was evacuated to Tiree as a child during the 2nd World War. Includes a song entitled “Goirtean Dòmhnaill (Barapol)”, and works by Niall Brownlie and Cathy Thomson amongst others.


Effy Thomson and her daughter Cathie pumping water from a well at Ruaig

Photograph of Euphemia Thomson with her daughter Catherine pumping water from a well at Ruaig in 1944.


Courtesy of Ms Cathie Thomson

In this photograph taken in 1944, Cathie Thomson is watching her mother Effie pump water from a well at Ruaig. Before the mains water supply became generally available in the 1950s, most houses had their own well.

Wells were made by lowering open-ended concrete boxes about one metre square into a suitable hole dug in the ground. The sand or soil would then be dug out from the bottom of the box and another box laid on top until the well was around three to four metres deep.

The well would be covered with a slab and a hand pump installed. Before the days of concrete, wells would be lined with stones, a dangerous job as the water-logged soil was liable to collapse.

Black and white photograph of Euphemia Clark of Ruaig and her daughter Catherine Ann Thomson.

Euphemia Thomson nee Clark of Ruaig with her daughter Catherine Ann drawing water from the pump in Ruaig in 1944. (Original in Filing Cabinet 8 drawer 3)