Associated People: Sinclair, Mr Alasdair, Brock (1923 - 2009)

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Minidisk recording of Alasdair Sinclair and Duncan Grant talking to Dr John Holliday in An Iodhlann on 21/1/2004.

Alasdair Sinclair of Brock and Duncan Grant of Ruaig talk to Dr John Holliday in January 2004 about their Tiree connections and early memories of Ruaig, Brock and Soa, about Hugh Lamont (Eòghann Iain) from Ruaig, the postal service, Brock ceilidh house, thatched houses, quarrying stones at Brock and the tools used, handmade lintels, and collecting seaweed and birds’ eggs from Soa.


Dan MacLeod’s practical joke

Sound clip in English of Duncan Grant of Ruaig talking about a practical joke involving a lobster.

Courtesy of Mr Duncan Grant

In a conversation with Alasdair Sinclair of Brock recorded in January 2004, Duncan Grant of Ruaig tells a humorous story about his relative, Dan MacLeod, who played a practical joke on Alasdair’s great-uncles, William, Donald and Neil MacKinnon.

In the days before television, neighbours would regularly visit each other ‘air chèilidh’- for the ‘crack’. Alasdair’s Uncle William was a great story-teller and would entertain the township children with ghost stories.

Duncan’s mother, Mary Flora MacLeod, remembered a particularly scary story about ‘cròg mòr fada liath, liath le aois’ (a long grey claw-like hand, grey with age). She and her sister would be so scared of leaving in the dark they would race the twenty yards home.

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