Associated People: Meek, Professor Donald, Caoles

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Audio cassette recording of (a) the opening ceremony at Tur Mhic Chaluim and (b) Hugh MacDonald, Kenovay recorded by Margaret MacKay of the School of Scottish Studies.

Audio recording of Side A – the opening ceremony at Tur Mhic Chaluim on 26/7/1986 with introduction by Alec MacArthur, Ronald MacDonald of Cornaigbeg talking about 19th century emigration, Neil Brownlie and Prof. Donald Meek talking about the Rev. Donald MacCallum, and Hugh Archie MacLean of Salum talking about the way forward for crofters today, Side B – The late Hugh MacDonald of Kenovay talks to Margaret MacKay of the School of Scottish Studies about his piping days.


Letter to the editor of the West Highland Free Press from Professor Donald Meek.

Letter from the Chairman of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Gaelic Professor Donal Meek on the change of attitude of the West High Free Press editorials to the MAGOG report.


Paperback book `Island Harvest` by Donald E. Meek.

A history of Tiree Baptist Church from 1838-1988.


Nine Transcripts of Feis lecture `Columba`s Other Island?` given by Prof. Donald Meek in 1997.

St. Columba and early Christianity in Tiree.


Photocopied extract from `Oighreachd agus Gabhaltas`: `Aimhreit an Fhearainn an Tiriodh, 1886` by Prof. Donald Meek.

Paper about the land agitation on Tiree in the 1880s, in particular the disturbances centring on Greenhill, the arrival of the marines and the subsequent court case.

Includes unofficial translation ‘Land Agitation in Tiree in 1886’ by Donald Meek.


Audio cassette recording of 1985 BBC Reidio nan Gaidheal programme about the Balemartine bard by Donald Meek.

Professor Donald Meek talks on BBC Reidio nan Gaidheal in 1985 about the Balemartine bard, John MacLean (1827-1895), his songs and poetry including A’ Chailinn Mhaiseach Dhonn, Calum Beag, Di-moladh na Tea, Manitoba and Breacan Màiri Uisdean, the community he lived in, clearances, emigration and Land Leagues. Tha an Àrd-Ollamh Dòmhnall Meek a’ bruidhinn air Rèidio nan Gàidheal ann an 1985 mu Bhàrd Bhaile Mhartainn, Iain Mac ’Ill ’Leathain (1827-1895); na h-òrain ’s am bàrdachd aige nam measg A’ Chailinn Mhaiseach Dhonn, A’ Chaluim Bhig, Dì-Moladh na Tea, Manitoba agus Breacan Mairi Uisdein; a’ choimhearsnachd; eilthireachd; agus Tirisdich a shabaid an aghaidh nan uachdaranan.


Extract from Aberdeen University Review – `Gaelic: A Future for the Heritage` a talk given by Prof. Donald Meek, with photocopy.

Talk given by Professor Meek at the Conference on `Traditional Culture and Cultural Policy in Scotland`, marking the inauguration of the Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University in 1996.

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