Associated People: MacPhee, Mr William, Scarinish


Black and white photograph of L-R (back): Peggy MacIntosh, Duncan MacPhee, Morag MacPhee. L-R (front) Henry and Willie MacPhee.  The photograph was taken at the back of MacPhee’s house, Staffa View, in Scarinish in around 1942.


Handwritten poem `The Fringe of the Sea`, 1970, about fishing amongst small islands

Handwritten poem on headed notepaper from the House of Commons, London 15/8/1970. The poem was originally composed by Jamaican poet A.L.Hendricks (1922-1992) and copied by Richard Buchanan, Labour MP for Glasgow, Springburn (1912-2003), who sent it to Will MacPhee, estate gamekeeper, Scarinish.

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