Associated People: MacPhail, Mr Hector, Ruaig (1945 - 2000)


Township history for Caoles researched and written by Hector MacPhail.

Information about prominent people and places in Caoles – Caoles smiddy, Neil MacDonald, Calum MacDonald, corn mill at Milton, master mariners, ministers, bards, the Camerons of Miodar, the MacDonalds of Milton, emigrants, the MacLeans of Caoles, An Acarsaid, Lonamar.

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Letter about the Cornaigmore Mill and Tiree doctors, 1997

Photocopy of a letter from the Argyll & Bute archivist, Murdo MacDonald, to Hector MacPail, Ruaig, dated 26 March 1997, regarding information about millers at the Cornaigmore meal mill from 1864 to the 1920s, and doctors between 1911 and 1929.


Archive film from the 1980s about `Two Men of Tiree`

DVD film from the Scottish Screen Archive about `Two Men of Tiree`. Filmed in the 1980s, colour, sound. The two men are Gavin Carter, who opened a bakery on the island, and Hector MacPhail, lobster fisherman. Both businesses were given start-up funding from the Highlands and Islands Development Board. Also featured in the film: Nester Carter (Gavin`s wife) and their four children, Donald John Kennedy (crewing for Hector), school children on the school bus and in the classroom, Milton Harbour, and “Harbour Maid” (Hector MacPhail`s fishing boat).