Associated People: MacPhaiden, Mr Alexander, Caoles (1790 - 1878)


Photograph of a man with a Clydesdale Horse at Croish House, Caoles, ca 1900

Sepia photograph of a young man holding a Clydesdale workhorse in the yard at Croish House, Caoles, around 1900. Found in the attic of Croish House in 2012. See 2011.78.2 for family history.



The MacFadyen-McPhadden Family in Coll & Tiree

CD containing a written account of the history and genealogy of the MacFadyen/McPhadden family of Coll and Tiree, compiled by descendants Glenda Franklin and Gene Donald Lamont of Canada, in 2011. Includes ancestors and descendants of Hugh MacFadyen, Salum (1840-1935).


The MacFadyen – McPhadden Family in Coll and Tiree, 2011

Bound printed copy of Glenda Franklin`s (Canada) research into her Tiree and Coll ancestry. Alexander McPhadden (1790-1878) lived in Croish House, Caoles, before emigrating to Ontario, Canada, with his family in 1806. He was Glenda`s great-great-grandfather. (Signed by Glenda to An Iodhlann 29 July 2011)


Black and white photograph of the MacPhadden homestead in Kenyon Township, Ontario in 1904.

The MacPhadden homestead in Kenyon Township, Glengarry County, Ontario in 1904. The land was first settled by Alexander MacPhadden, who was baptised in 1790, the son of Charles MacPhaiden of Caoles and his wife Christy MacPhail. According to oral history Alexander emigrated to Canada around 1806 in the company of MacIsaacs and MacDonalds, at first living at Glen Donald in southern Ontario. In 1809 he leased Lots 11 and 12 of Concession 14 in Kenyon Township, which he purchased in 1852. This photo pictures his son John with his family in front of their fine brick house built around 1895. The family ran a.mixed dairy farm and maple syrup orchard.