Associated People: MacLeod, Mr Douglas, Balevullin/Sandaig


Collection of 42 scanned black & white photographs of people and places connected to Marion MacLeod, Port Mor, Sandaig. Most are portraits of un-named adults and children, with others of soldiers in uniform, crofters at work, and houses in Sandaig. A selection are catalogued separately: see 2019.81.2 – 10


Photograph of the the first scheduled plane to land at the Reef in 1935/36

Black & white photograph of a bi-plane on the Reef machair in 1935 or 1936. It was the inaugural flight of the scheduled air service to the island from Glasgow and was greeted by a large crowd. The children, including Douglas MacLeod (Ballevullin & Sandaig) were presented with a box of sweets. Douglas is the boy running by the port wing. The photo was taken by his father (copyright Douglas I. MacLeod). (Original stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 2)