Associated People: MacLean, Mr Lachlan, Cornaig (1916 - 2008)


Two Communion tokens from the Free Church of Scotland

Two small, oval, lead tokens stamped with “Tiree Free Church” on one side and “Do this in rememberance of me” on the other, belonging to Lachlan and Joanne MacLean, Druimfraoich. Possession of a Communion Token authorised the bearer to take part in Holy Communion. They were widely used in Scotland from the time of the Reformation until the middle of the 19th (20th?) century.

In the weeks before the celebration of Communion the church`s elders (or a Catechist) would visit each member and examine his or her knowledge of the faith and purity of life. Those who met with the elders` approval were given a small lead token, which permitted them to receive Communion. This was to prevent exposing the Lord’s Table ‘to profanation by immoral and unfaithful people`. This example is from the Free Church of Scotland and was manufactured some time after 1843.

Tiree in 100 Objects – 74 – Communion tokens

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects


Letters written during WWII mentioning Charles MacLean (Druimfraoich) missing in action

Three letters (and photocopies) handwritten on `Air Mail Letter Card` during WWII, from brothers Angus and Alasdair McLellan to their mother. Although not from Tiree themselves, they mention that their comrade Charles MacLean is missing in action. Charles MacLean was a cousin of Lachie MacLean, Druimfraoich, Cornaigbeg, who lived in Linlithgow next door to Angus & Alasdair`s mother (Marion Findlater`s grandmother). Charles was in the RAF and was shot down.

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Christmas greetings from the RAF in Ceylon during WWII

Copy of hand-drawn Christmas `card` from Angus McLellan, serving in the RAF in Ceylon during WWII, to his sister Annie who was working in Edinburgh. Although not from Tiree themselves, Angus and/or his brother Alasdair were comrades of Charles MacLean (cousin of Lachlan MacLean, Druimfraoich) when he was shot down during WWII. (includes a photocopy)


Wedding photograph of Anne Neilson and Alasdair McLellan 1945

Black & white photograph of the wedding of Anne Neilson and Alasdair McLellan in St Michaels Church, Linlithgow, September 1945. The bride`s dress was made of parachute silk. L-R standing: Harry Neilson (bride`s brother), Angus McLellan (groom`s brother; 1920-2000), Alasdair McLellan (1918-2004; donor`s uncle), Anne Neilson (b 1921), Nana (bride`s cousin), Betty McLellan (b 1921; sister of groom and donor`s mother); L-R sitting: unknown, Mrs & Mr Neilson (bride`s parents), Marion McLellan (nee Shaw; 1884-1967; donor`s grandmother). Alasdair and/or Angus served in the RAF and were comrades of Charles MacLean (Lachlan MacLean, Druimfroaich`s cousin) when he was shot down during WWII.



Book “Postbus Country” by Joan Burnie 1994

Hardback book about the rural communities of Scotland and the history of the Royal Mail-operated Postbus that served them since 1968. Signed on the inside front cover “To Flora & Lachie (MacLean, Druimfraoich), with love and all good wishes for 29th June and 14th July 1995. From Mary and Tom”


Photograph of Lachie MacLean, Druimfraoich, and Lachie MacKinnon, Parkhouse, making a corn stack in 1987

Colour photograph of Lachie MacLean, Druimfraoich, Kenovay, and Lachie MacKinnon, Parkhouse, Balephetrish, building a corn stack in Kenovay in Oct. 1987. Lachie MacLean is on top of the stack. (Original stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 4)



Photograph of Lachie & Flora MacLean at a Bronze Age burial chamber, Kenavara, ca. 1998

Colour photograph of Lachie & Flora MacLean, Druimfraoich, at ‘Naimh Chaluim Chèaird / the cave of Calum the tinker’ on the Balephuil side of Kenavara around 1995-2000. Thought to be a Neolithic/Bronze Age burial chamber. It is named after a traveller who presumably sheltered there.



Photograph of Tiree Agricultural Show Committee 1971/72

Colour photograph of the Tiree Agricultural Show Committee at the show at Crossapol Farm in 1971 or 1972. L-R: Hugh Campbell, Balemartine, unknown judge, Lachie MacLean, Druimfraoich, Kenovay, Charles MacLean, Croish House, Caoles, Lachlan MacArthur (Lachie Donan), Lachie MacFarlane, Hynish, John MacFadyen, Barrapol.