Associated People: MacLean, Mr Archie, Scarinish (1910 - )


Home Guard Certificate of Proficiency for Archie MacLean, Scarinish, 1944

Certificate of Proficiency in subjects including general knowledge, use of rifle, grenade and sten machine carbine, battlecraft and map reading awarded to Archie MacLean, Scarinish, in July 1944 as part of his training for the Tiree Home Guard. Original and photocopy.


British Legion membership card, 1929, belonging to Archie MacLean, Scarinish.

Original membership card of the British Legion (Scotland) – Tiree branch, and subscription receipts (1930-1946), signed by Branch Secretaries Robert MacLeod (1930-1936) and Hector MacPhail (1937-1946).

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