Associated People: MacKinnon, Rev Hector, Kirkapol (1866 - 1913)


Newspaper cutting about a letter from the Marquis of Tullibardine, which was read out at the annual gathering of “the natives of Tiree” held in Glasgow around 1905. The letter/article regards Tiree’s inaccessibility and the lack of a good pier, how one might be funded while the island is up for sale, and whether the Congested Districts Board (1897-1911) could afford to pay for it. The Duke of Argyll attempted to sell Tiree in 1902. Several ministers born on Tiree are also mentioned: Rev. John MacLean, Glasgow, Rev. Hector MacKinnon, Campbeltown, and Rev. Charles Lamont, Saltcoats.

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Hand-carved wooden picture frame, ca 1910

Ornate wooden picture frame carved by one of Hector MacKinnon`s family (Lodge Farm, Kirkapol) at Lady Victoria Campbell`s woodworking class, ca 1910. The frame contained three oval portraits of men (see 2014.106.1), but the back broke off during woodworm treatment in 2013.


Extracts from `Our Former Ministers` (Stornoway) about Rev. Hector MacKinnon (1866-1913) and Rev. Archibald MacDonald

Re-printed extracts from unkown source regarding Stornoway`s former ministers. Includes information about Rev. Archibald MacDonald of Heylipol Parish (1878), and Rev. Hector MacKinnon of Kirkapol Parish (1893).


Collection of 20 photographs and information relating to the MacKinnon family of Lodge Farm, Kirkapol, and others.

Collection of 20 original black & white and colour photographs relating to the MacKinnons of Kirkapol and their families in Canada, Johnnie MacInnes, ? Munn, Angela MacRae, Mary MacKinnon, Alic MacPhail, Armstrong, Flora MacPhail, John Armstrong, over the period 1850-1985, plus hand-written information provided by Fiona MacKinnon, Lodge Farm. Seven photos accessioned separately L7, M11 & Q149-Q153.


Composition `For My Family` by Anne Tomlin (nee Lorimer), about memories of Tiree, ca 1895

Extract from a privately published volume by Anne Tomlin (1874-1970) about a visit to the Lodge around 1895 where she witnessed the funeral of Donald MacKinnon of Lodge Farm, the father of Rev. Hector MacKinnon who attended the funeral; she also writes about ferry travel and the `Dunara Castle`. Includes a covering letter from her grand-nephew Patrick Lorimer, Millport House, Hynish, giving information about Anne Tomlin.


Audio cassette recording of Elsie and Fiona MacKinnon of Kirkapol talking to Maggie Campbell in February 2000.

Elsie MacKinnon talks to Maggie Campbell in February 2000 about her schooldays on Tiree, working on Kirkapol farm, houses in Kirkapol and Gott, churches, doctors, local herbal cures, washing day and the Rev Hector MacKinnon; Elsie and Fiona talk about tracing Elsie`s family and their reunion after 75 years; Elsie recites a prayer said by Duncan MacKinnon, a relative of the Rev Hector.