Associated People: MacKinnon, Ms Esme, Kirkapol


Audio cassette recording of Elsie MacKinnon of Lodge Farm, Kirkapol talking to her daughter Fiona MacKinnon in June 1998.

Elsie MacKinnon of Lodge Farm, Kirkapol talks to her daughter Fiona in June 1998 about her adoption by Katie MacKinnon in 1925 when aged 9, the differences between Ashford in Middlesex where she came from and Tiree, her schooldays in Scarinish and Kirkapol, the work she did on Saturdays, toys and presents, Sundays on Tiree, the work on the croft, learning Gaelic, the population of the island, school sports, the work her aunt did and playing with friends, a school picnic at the Ringing Stone, the sense of community, fostering children, the people in Kirkapol, the construction of Ormer Cottage and the fire in the Scarinish shop.


Black and white photograph of Ruaig School around 1929.

Ruaig School around 1929. L-R: (front row) Alister Maclean, Salum; Lachie MacFadyen, Caoles; Willie MacIntosh, Caoles; John MacFadyen, Caoles; Ian MacLean, Croish, Caoles; James Graham, Vaul; (2nd front row) Margaret Graham, Vaul; Margaret MacArthur, Rosigil, Caoles; Mary B MacFadyen, Caoles; Effie MacArthur, Ruaig; Lizzie Barr, Ruaig; Isobel MacKinnon, Croish, Ruaig; Effie MacKinnon, Vaul; Jessie MacFadyen, Caoles ; Ruby MacDougall, Vaul; (2nd back row) Ena MacDonald, Brock; Ina Faulds, Ruaig; Flora Lamont, Sackhill; Lizzie MacGill, Ruaig; Mary MacKinnon, Vaul; Ann Hobbins, Vaul; Elsie MacKinnon, Kirkapol; Jessie MacGill, Ruaig; Chrissie MacKinnon, Primary Teacher; (back row) Robert MacLeod, Headteacher; John Faulds, Caoles; Archie MacFadyen, Brock; Donald MacDonald, Ruaig; Alfie Walker, Vaul; Lachie Maclean, Vaul; David Maclean, Ruaig.