Associated People: MacKinnon, Mrs Johann, Barrapol (1924 - 2003)


Black and white photograph of the Youth Club in 1949.

The Youth Club in 1949. L-R: (front) Jean MacFarlane, teacher at Ruaig School; Nan MacEachern, married Donald Archie MacLean the butcher; (middle row) Jean Brown, Balephuil; Catriona MacDonald, Mannal; Alexina MacFadyen, Balemartine; Ina McDonald, Mannal; Morag MacLeod, Sandaig; Rose Roddy, married, Murdo MacDonald, Kilmoluaig; Sarah MacDonald, teacher at Balemartine School; (back row) Morag Kennedy, Balephuil; Jessie Ann MacCallum, Crossapol; Flora MacArthur, Sandaig; Mairi Campbell, Crossapol; Johann MacKinnon, Barrapol; Peigi Campbell, Heylipol.



Black and white postcard of the fank at Kennavara in the 1930s.

The fank at Kennavara after sheep-dipping in the 1930s. L-R: (back) John MacGillivery`s wife; Niall Brownlie, Barrapol (Johann MacKinnon`s brother); John Brownlie (Johann and Niall`s father); D. C. MacKinnon, John MacGillivery`s half-brother; Margaret MacGillivery, John`s daughter; Hugh MacGillivery, John`s son; Marianne or Annie, John`s sister; John MacFadyen, Annabella MacNeill`s father; (front) Malcolm MacDonald, shepherd in Barrapol, Johann`s half-brother; John Wright; Donald MacLean, father of Hugh, Willie and Angus; Hugh MacKinnon (Eoghann Ban); Archie Sinclair, brother of Alasdair, A` Chachaleith Dhubh, Grianal; Willie MacNeill, from the Land who worked for the MacNivens.