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Black and white photograph of William H. MacPhail and Flora MacKinnon nee MacLean in 1943.

Flora MacKinnon nee MacLean of Balevullin as a baby in Glasgow in 1943 with Flight Lieutenant William H. MacPhail of the Canadian Air Force. He was born 11/8/1919 in Fullarton Township, Perth County, Ontario and died 13/1/1945 at Lille in France.



Nurse Flora MacLean of Balevullin

Photograph of Nurse Flora MacLean of Balevullin.


Courtesy of Mrs Flora MacKinnon

Flora MacLean of Balevullin was a nurse in Glasgow at the beginning of the 20th century. While working with children in the city she contracted tuberculosis. Her career finished, she left the pollution of the city for the sunshine and fresh air of her native island.

At the back of her thatched house in Balevullin she set up a tent where she lived much of the year. Her house was one of the few on Tiree with a back door which faces west, the direction of the prevailing wind. Most Tiree houses, until recently, have been built ‘back to the wind, face to the sun’.

She died in 1918 and is buried at Soroby. Her niece, Flora MacKinnon, also lives in Balevullin and is one of the island’s district nurses.

Black and white photograph of nurse Flora MacLean of Balevullin.

Nurse Flora MacLean of Balevullin who died in the 1920s, an aunt of nurse Flora MacKinnon of Balevullin.