Associated People: MacKinnon, Mr John Campbell, Cornaigbeg (1844 - 1925)


University assignment ‘The Isle of Tiree: One of a Kind’ written in 2013 by Leanne Piper, University of Guelph, Canada, who is descended from emmigrants John MacKinnon (1816-1896) and Grace Campbell (b.1811), Cornaigbeg. Includes information on geography, crofting history, geology, the kelp industry and architecture.

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Copy of sepia photograph of John MacKinnon from Cornaigbeg with his wife Mary and daughter Clara.

John Campbell McKinnon with daughter Clara and wife Mary. John was born in Cornaigbeg, Isle of Tiree in 1844, the son of John McKinnon Sr. and Grace Campbell. John and Grace McKinnon had four other children – Mary (1838), Donald (1839), Catherine (1842), and Hugh (1843). After Grace died in Tiree, John Snr emigrated with his children to Canada in June 1949 aboard the ‘Charlotte’ as assisted passengers. John Jnr settled in Cannington, Ontario, married Mary Grace Williton in 1874, and had ten children. He died in 1925 and is buried in Cannington.



Black and white photograph of the children of John C. MacKinnon from Cornaigbeg.

The children of John Campbell MacKinnon (1844-1925) from Cornaigbeg and his wife Mary Williton in Cannington, Ontario around 1905. L-R: (back row) Mary, Howard, Maude, (front row) Rhoda, Grace, Clara and Donalda. Their father emigrated to Ontario in June 1849 aboard the ‘Charlotte’ with his father John and siblings after the death of his mother in Tiree.