Associated People: MacKinnon, Mr Iain, Kilmoluaig (1918 - 2002)


Thatching at ‘Cnoc Bhiosta’

Photograph of Lachie MacLean, Iain and Hugh MacKinnon thatching at ‘Cnoc Bhiosta’ in Kilmoluaig.


Courtesy of Mrs Fiona Munn

Lachie MacLean, Iain and Hugh MacKinnon are pictured here thatching Iain’s house at ‘Cnoc Bhiosta’ in Kilmoluaig. Initially, the thatch is laid over a layer of turfs or sgrothan which are pinned or tied to the roof timbers.

The main roof timbers, ‘ceanna-mhaidean’ or couples, usually of oak, run from the inner wall head to the apex of the roof. Those at the rear are about a foot shorter making the back of the roof slightly steeper than the front. The couples are held together by one or two timbers, making an A-frame.

On top of the couples two or three purlins run lengthwise along the house, over which is laid a layer of finer branches, often hazel. The upper purlins are joined by short lengths of wood which give the roofs their distinctively round shape and allow the thatchers to stand easily on the top.

Colour photograph of thatching at Iain MacKinnon`s croft house in Kilmoluaig.

Thatching Iain MacKinnon`s croft house in Kilmoluaig. L-R: Lachie MacLean, Kilmoluaig; Iain MacKinnon (Iain Chaluim), Kilmoluaig; Iain`s brother Hugh MacKinnon (Eoghann Chaluim), Crossapol.


Compilation of video clips regarding Tiree, around 1980-1990

Compilation VHS cassette tape of 10 video clips related to Tiree in Gaelic & English, from the belongings of Jim MacIntyre: (1) Dè a` Nis with Michael Holliday (00:00:00: – 00:04:47) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 86), (2) Tiree Wave Classic 1991 (00:04:50 – 00:27:05) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 100), (3) Tiree Feis Dance (00:27:09 – 00:38:06) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 14), (4) `Aig Baile` interviews with Eoghann MacIlleathain, Eachann Caimbeul, Eilidh & Ailean Caimbeul, Floraidh NicPhail, Iain Chaluim, Domhnall Caimbeul. (00:38:11 -01:07:19) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 23), (5) BBC News item about the Tiree Wave Classic. (01:07:19 -01:12:18) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 23), (6) Tiree Wave Classic 1987 (01:12:19 – 01:40:48) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 29), (7) MacLennan Motors Transport first day of operation. (01:40:54 – 01:45:15) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 21), (8) One Night on Gunna – Ross MacLennan`s 12th birthday. (01:45:28 – 02:12:09) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 21), (9) Horse Riding Demo at Caoles. (02:12:10 – 02:27:26) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 21), (10) Tiree School Sports. (02:27:26 – 02:30:23) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 21).


Copy of newspaper article `Struggle to wake Tiree from its long slumber`.

Article about the lack of bustle, natural resources, employment and care for the elderly on Tiree, with photographs of (L-R) Ernie Green and Willie Robertosn on board the lobster boat at Milton `Venture`, and Iain and Hugh MacKinnon in Kilmoluaig.