Associated People: MacKinnon, Mr Hugh, Ruaig/Canada (1841 - 1910)


Emails and information regarding the MacKinnon family of Coll and Canada, 2012

Emails between Glenda Franklin, Canada, Mary MacLean, Scarinish, and Keith Dash regarding Glenda`s information about (1) Hugh MacKinnon, Coll who married Margaret (Peggy) MacPhaden, Tiree, (2) extracts from a book `They Came to Mara…[Canada]`, (3) transcripts of gravestone inscriptions from Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Mara Township, Ontario, (4) pdf file of the relevant pages of `The Came to Mara` in /My Scans/Documents.


Photocopies of two black & white photographs relating to Tiree MacKinnons who emmigrated to Canada in the 1800s.

Two photocopied photographs relating to the family/descendants of Hugh MacKinnon born 1841 Ruaig who emmigrated to Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. Probably taken in the late 1800`s: (1) unknown group of two men and one woman, and (2) a barn/homestead.


Eleven colour photographs of the MacKinnon Family Farm, Manitoba (est. 1892 by Tirisdeachs).

Eleven colour photographs of the MacKinnon Family Farm, Manitoba, Canada taken in 2000-2005 by descendents of Hugh MacKinnon who was born in 1841 at Ruaig, Tiree. The farm was established in 1892 by the family of Hugh MacKinnon. Photos include the gravestones of Finney (Fingon?) McKinnon (died 1859) and his wife Christenia (died 1896).