Associated People: MacKinnon, Mr Calum, Kilmoluaig (1890 - 1984)


Photograph of the view of Loch Bhasapol from Calum MacKinnon`s house in Kilmoluaig, ca 1970

Black and white photograph of the view of Loch Bhasapol from the door of Calum (Iain Bhan) MacKinnon`s house at Kilmoluaig during the 1970s. Note the size of the stones acting as gate posts and bolt for locking. His house was the last without electricity on the island – he never wanted it.



Calum MacKinnon of Kilmoluaig

Photograph of Calum MacKinnon of Kilmoluaig in 1977.


Courtesy of RCAHMS (Crown copyright)

Calum MacKinnon (1890-1984) is pictured sitting in the kitchen of his thatched house at Cnoc Bhiosta in 1977. It was the last inhabited house on Tiree without electricity. Lighting was by Tilley lamp and all the cooking was done on the coal-fired range or latterly a gas ring.

Originally traditional houses had a peat fire in the centre of the room. When coal began to be imported to Tiree in the mid-19th century, hearths and chimneys were built on to the original walls at one or both ends of the house.

Chimneys, lacking the support of a gable end, were relatively unstable and were built at a sight angle outwards so if they did collapse the inhabitants would be safe.

Black and white photograph of Calum MacKinnon in Kilmoluaig.

Calum MacKinnon (father of Iain, Hector and Hugh) at his thatched house in Kilmoluaig in 1977.


Audio cassette recording of Archie MacKinnon interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Cornaigmore on 4/12/2002.

Archie MacKinnon of Cornaigmore talks to Maggie Campbell in December 2002 about the construction of the Cornaig to Scarinish road in 1934, the Ruaig to Caoles road in 1942, the Cornaigmore to Balevullin road in 1946, the Vaul road in 1948, quarrying, the mainland construction companies; a fatal accident on the Caoles road; laying stable floors; his work as a hammer man at the Croish and Vaul smiddies; the hospitality of the Vaul ladies. Èairdsidh ’Ic Fhionghain a Còrnaig Mhòr a bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns an Dùbhlachd 2002 mun togail an rathaid Chòrnaig gu Sgairinis ann an 1934, rathad Ruiag gu ’n Chaolas ann an1942, rathad Chòrnaig Mhòr gu Baile Mhuilinn ann an 1946, luchd oibreach tìr mòr, tubaist bas mhòr air rathad Chaolais, a’ leagail ùrlar cloiche, obair na fear-bualaidh uird anns na Chrois agus Bhalla, caoimheachas boireannaich Bhalla.


Twenty-two photographs of Tiree from RCAHMS, 1900-1977