Associated People: MacKinnon, Mr Archibald, Vaul (1844 - 1902)


Family history of the descendants of Archibald McKinnon, Vaul (1844-1902), who emigrated to Sydney, Australia, as a ship’s carpenter aboard the ‘City of Grafton’ paddle steamer in 1876. Archibald married Elizabeth (Betsy) Cowling in 1877, and had 8 children: Malcolm MacKinnon, Archibald John MacKinnon, Donald MacKinnon, Thomas Leslie MacKinnon, Ebeneezer Neil MacKinnon, Joseph Stanley MacKinnon, Alexander Douglas MacKinnon and Hugh Hector MacKinnon. Thomas’s son, Graeme MacKinnon (1921-2000,) became an Antarctic explorer and geographer responsible for mapping Antarctica. McKinnon Island and McKinnon Glacier in the Antarctic are named after him.

Includes photographs, letters, certificates and other documents compiled by Nicole Lesley McKinnon, Australia.

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Family history of Archibald MacKinnon, Vaul (1844-1902)

Documents relating to Archibald MacKinnon (1844-1902) who was born in Vaul in 1844, emigrated to Australia aboard the `City of Grafton` in 1876, and died in Balmain in 1902 after falling at the Jubilee Docks where he was a shipwright. Includes family trees, will and transcripts from 3 newspaper articles about his death. Grandfather of Ailsa MacKinnon, Australia, and great-grandfather of Anthony MacKinnon, Australia, who carried out most of the family history research.