Associated People: MacKenzie, Mr Kenneth, Scarinish (1890 - )


Handwritten letter dated 1894 from John MacLean, Scarinish, to the solicitor handling the Kenneth MacKenzie Trust, regarding a quarrel between Mrs MacKenzie and Mrs Wallace over who should inherit a manuscript and library (that may have belonged to Rev John Gregorson Campbell).

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Black & white photograph of piermaster Kenneth MacKenzie, Scarinish, and George Ian MacLean Brodie on the pier at Gott Bay in the 1920s. Georgie’s grandparents were Lachlan MacLean, Kilmoluaig, and Catherine MacLean, Grianal (Greenhill). From a large photo album embossed with G.I.B. and belonging to Georgie.


Black & white photograph of a crowd around a bi-plane on The Reef during Sports Day in 1927. It was the first plane to land on Tiree. On the left is Kenneth MacKenzie, Scarinish (b. 1890). He worked as Piermaster and lived with his wife Agnes in the ‘Bank House’ in Scarinish, which was built for him.



Copy of pages of the Punch book of cartoons, 1895

Photocopies of pages from the book `Cartoons from Punch` by John Tenniel in 1895. Two pages are signed by the owner Kenneth MacKenzie “since 5 past 12 1895 New Years day”. Digital scans held on office computer in `Digital Documents’.


Photograph of group of men and women standing by a rocky hill at Scarinish, ca 1935.

Sepia photogaph of a group of four men and two women standing by a rocky hill at Scarinish in the 1930s. Left of picture: Nonian, Mrs George MacFadyen, unknown, Mrs Mackenzie. Right back of picture: Kenneth Mackenzie – Pier Master, unknown.