Associated People: MacIntosh, Mrs Janet, Urvaig


Hebridean Trust newsletter, Spring 2008

Hebridean Trust newsletter, Spring 2008. Articles and photographs about Treshnish Isle seabird survey, archaeological digs by Glasgow University on the Treshnish Isles, Raleigh International expedition to help clean Tiree`s beaches, artwork by J Morton Boyd, solar powered lights on the Treshnish Isles, Hynish Centre refurbishment, Hebridean Trust housing, Accommodation on Tiree. Photographs include Monica Smith and Janet Mackintosh


Selection of photographs from Alasdair Sinclair`s Retirement from An Iodhlann in 2008

Five photographs of An Iodhlann staff and committee members at Alasdair Sinclair`s retirement from the Board of An Iodhlann: (1) left to right are; Mr Alasdair Sinclair, Miss Mary MacKinnon and Mr. Bernard Smith, (2) left to right are; Ms. Catriona McLeod, Mr.Duncan Grant, Ms. ?, and Mr, Johnny Johnston, (3) left to right are; Mr Alasdair Sincalir, Dr. John Holliday, Mr Duncan Grant and Ms. ?, (4) left to right are; Mrs Pat Campbell, Mrs Janet MacIntosh, Mr Alasdair Sinclair, Mr. Johnny Johnston, Mrs Margaret Campbell, Ms. Catriona McLeod, Mr Duncan Grant & Dr. John Holliday, (5) left to right are; Mrs Pat Campbell, Mrs Mairi Campbell, Mr. Duncan Grant, Miss Kate England, Mrs. Josie Brown, Mr. Alasdair Sinclair & Mr. Steve Thompson.


Packed lunches and school dinners in the 1940s

Sound clip in English of Janet MacIntosh talking about packed lunches and school dinners in the 1940s.

Courtesy of Mrs Janet MacIntosh

Janet MacIntosh was recorded in August 2005 talking to Maggie Campbell of Kilmoluaig about her schooldays in Balemartine in the 1940s. She remembers how ‘wonderful’ hot school dinners were compared to packed lunches.

When she was a child, the diet on Tiree was plain and simple. White and brown flour and oatmeal came in hundredweight bags and were stored in the ‘girnel’, a wooden chest with a lid and internal partitions, that kept the mice out. Housewives baked every day.

More fish was eaten than meat; there were few vegetables other than potatoes and no fruit. Food from the shore was also eaten: soup made with whelks (winkles) and oatmeal, or with dulse, and milk puddings made with carrageen.


Audio cassette recording of Janet MacIntosh of Scarinish talking to Maggie Campbell on 21/5/2004.

Janet MacIntosh of Urvaig talks to Maggie Campbell in May 2004 about her schooldays in Balemartine, her childhood and wartime memories, Sunday customs, her travels round Scotland as a pilgrim, women’s clothing and work, baptisms in Tiree, the 19th century Baptist revival on the Ross of Mull, the Community Council, differences between the east and west of Tiree, self education, second sight and ghost stories, Tiree Bards, the hardness of life in the past with poverty, disease and the death of children; Janet finishes by singing a hymn composed by Neil MacDonald of Kilmoluaig


Audio cassette recording of Janet MacIntosh talking to Maggie Campbell in March 2000.

Janet MacIntosh of Caoles and Balinoe talks to Maggie Campbell in March 2000 about her schooldays in Balemartine, her pastimes, the delivery of a telegram from Balinoe Post Office, wartime and the pictures, the funeral of 16 RAF crew members who died in a plane crash, monthly ceilidhs, dances and Gaelic plays, travelling shops, funerals, transport, gathering and cooking seafood and seaweed, and the health benefits of sea water.


Newspaper article in the Oban Times `Community News – Tiree` by Janet MacIntosh.

Items discussed at a Community Council meeting, Parish Church social, Baptist Church sale of work, Christmas fayre, the severe weather and disappointment that funding for the new mart has been turned down again.