Associated People: MacFadyen, Mr John, Barrapol (1888 - )


Photograph of John MacFadyen, Barrapol, with a Clydesdale horse in the 1950s

Black & white photograph of John MacFadyen of Lochside Farm, Barrapol, holding a Clydesdale horse at the pier in the 1950s. He was either on his way to the Salen Show or had just taken delivery of the horse.



Photograph of John, Ina and Annabel ca. 1937-38

Sepia photographic portrait of siblings (L-R) John, Ina and Annabel MacFadyen of Barrapol/Balephuil, around 1937-38. Their parents were John and Marion MacFadyen of Lochside Farm, Barrapol. Ina (donor`s mother b. 1922) would have been about 15 years old when the photo was taken.