Associated People: MacDougall, Mr John, Milton (1890 - 1979)


Transcript of Inventory of Precognition submitted to Tobermory Procurator Fiscal investigating the death of three cows and two horses at Cornaigmore, in June 1876. The transcript contains medical reports written by Alexander Buchanan into the death of the two horses. The animals may have been poisoned by strychnine.

The transcript contains notes on the rent paid by John Macphail, the value of his stock on the farm and some remarks on stock management.

Statements are provided by:

John Macphail (crofter, Cornaigmore)
Janet MacLean (servant to John MacPhail, Cornaigmore)
John Macphail (tailor, Cornaigmore)
John Campbell (tailor, Cornaigmore)
Malcolm Lamont (labourer, Cornaigmore)
Neil Lamont (tenant on the farm of Cornaigmore)
Malcolm Lamont (servant to John MacPhail, Cornaigmore)
Lachlan Macphail (crofter, Cornaigmore)
Hugh MacDiarmid (factor for Tiree, Island House)
Alexander Buchanan (surgeon, Baugh)
Allan Cameron (Inspector of Police, Tobermory)
Hector Macphail (crofter, Cornaigmore)
Ann Macphail (widow, Cornaigmore)
Flora Macphail (daughter of Ann Macphail, Cornaigmore)
John MacDougall (Police Officer, Baugh)

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.