Associated People: MacDougall, Mr Allan Campbell, Cornaigmore (1908 - 1969)


Photograph of Alan MacDougall acting as purser for MacBraynes ferries, 1920s-30s.

Sepia photograph of Alan Campbell MacDougall (to the right of the wheel) acting as purser on a MacBrayne boat during his university days. He became headmaster of Cornaigmore School in 1940.



Black and white photograph of Cornaigmore School in 1946.

Cornaigmore School in 1946. (copy and info supplied by donor in Filing Cabinet 8 drawer 4)

(L-R, back row) Hugh Archie MacLean, Lachie Campbell, Colin Campbell, Willie MacDonald, Charlie MacLean, David MacKay, John Rhodie, Alasdair MacDonald, John Pollock, Neil Campbell, Calum MacKinnon, Hugh Kennedy, Donald Alex MacLean, (2nd back row) Hugh MacLean, Joan Campbell (MacArthur), Catriona Campbell (MacAuslan), Janet Lamont, Rose Rhodie, Janet Campbell (Paterson), Jessie MacLean (MacKinnon), Isobel MacDonald, Sheila MacKinnon (Suggit), Dolina MacDonald, Flora MacLeod, Zena MacFadyen, Elizabeth Shepherd, Mairi Paterson (Campbell), Maggie MacKechnie (Campbell), Mary Brown, Iain Campbell, Archie Matheson, (middle row) Iain MacKinnon, Mary MacDonald, Cathie Boden, Miss MacLeod, Mrs MacDougall, Miss MacKinnon, Mr Allan MacDougall, Miss Livingstone, Miss MacDonald, Miss Nisbet, Donina Stewart, Elizabeth MacMillan, Mary MacPhail (Cameron), Calum MacKinnon, (2nd front row) Effie MacKinnon, Jean Campbell (MacFadyen), Betty Campbell, Jean Watson (MacCallum), Lizzie MacMaster, Bessie MacPhail, Annie Stewart, Jessamy Bower, Sheena MacDonald, Christine Evans, Pamela Matheson, Netta Lamont, Sheena Henderson, Grace MacDonald, Marion MacNeill, Georgina Wilson, Catriona MacPhail (Watt), Donald MacDonald, (front row) Christina MacLean, Elma MacTaggart, unknown, Iain MacLean , Willie MacMillan, Margaret Boden, Donald MacLean, Hector MacPhail, Ewan Campbell, Roy Blair, Donald MacNeill, Alex Matheson, Gilleasbuig MacLeod, Hugh MacPhail, Donald Stewart, Iain MacKinnon, David MacMillan, Iain Stewart, Hugh M. MacLean, Donald A. Brown.



Jean MacCallum talking about school clothes in the 1940s

Sound clip in English of Jean MacCallum talking about school clothes in the 1940s.

Courtesy of Mrs Jean MacCallum

In a recording made in August in 2005, Mrs Jean MacCallum of Balevullin talks to Maggie Campbell about the clothes she wore to school in the 1940s. At the age of two, Jean was sent by Glasgow Corporation to be fostered by Alexander and Catherine Kennedy of Balevullin.

When she was fifteen, Jean was taken from Tiree by Glasgow Corporation, very much against her own and her foster family’s wishes, and placed in a Salvation Army home in Pollockshields. She was only returned to the island after her foster family took the matter to court.

Growing up on a Tiree croft, Jean developed a life-long love of the outdoors and of cattle. She later discovered that crofting was in her blood; her paternal grandmother had farmed into her eighties.


Mini-disk recording of Janet Brown, Balephuil talking to Maggie Campbell in August 2005.

Seònaid Brown née MacArthur of Balephuil talks to Maggie Campbell in August 2005 about her schooling at Heylipol during World War II and afterwards at Cornaig, her school clothes, lunches, games, her classes and teachers, school discipline, evacuees and tinkers, Christmas parties, transport to school, ministers and childhood illnesses.


Black and white photograph of Alan Campbell MacDougall, headmaster of Cornaigmore Secondary School.

Alan Campbell MacDougall. Raised and schooled in Oban, he graduated MA at Glasgow University in 1931. He taught briefly on Islay before transferring to Tiree in 1933 where he was promoted to headmaster of Cornaig Secondary School in 1940. He died tragically in 1969 after he fell between Tiree pier and the mail steamer ‘Claymore`.



Newspaper cutting about Cornaigmore School.

Article about the end-of-session concert at Cornaigmore School with a list of prize- and award-winners. (Original in Filing Cabinet 4 drawer 4 along with second cutting from Oban Times, 26/5/1988 about an appeal for funds for NIREX)