Associated People: MacDonald, Miss Ellen, Balephuil (1886 - 1988)


Copy of portrait “A Tiree Girl”

Colour print of a portrait “A Tiree Girl”, belonging to Su and Ian Aitkens, Balephuil. The girl is thought to be Ellen MacDonald, Balephuil (1886-1988), who emigrated to Manitoba, Canada, in 1910 with her sister Catherine. Unknown artist, although could have been painted by D. MacGregor-Whyte in the 1930s, who painted “The Lady of the Manse” in 1935, also owned by the Aitkens. See 2009.86.2.



Laminated print of the portrait `A Tiree Girl` and information about her

Laminated copy of the portrait `A Tiree Girl` by D. McGregor-Whyte, and laminated information, photographs and newspaper cuttings about her. Ellen MacDonald, Balephuil, (1886-1988) emmigrated to Manitoba and died shortly after celebrating her 102nd birthday..