Associated People: MacDonald, Chief Officer Charles Lamont, Sackhill (1896 - 1941)


Photograph of the SS Derrynane in Canada ca. 1945

Black & white photograph of the Merchant Navy SS Derrynane passing under Lion`s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada around 1945. It was while serving on this ship during WWII that Chief Officer Charles Lamont MacDonald (1896-1941), Sackhill, Ruaig, died aged 41. Charles was the son of Donald & Christina MacDonald, and husband of Flora A MacDonald of Crookston, Glasgow.



Printed memorial document to Charles Lamont MacDonald, Sackhill, Ruaig (1896-1941)

Page printed from the internet dedicated to Chief Officer Charles Lamont MacDonald (1896-1941) showing a photo of the Tower Hill War Memorial where he is remembered. He died aged 45 whislt serving in the Merchant Navy on the SS Derrynane during WWII. Included is a printed copy of a photo of the SS Derryane (R145) and an email from his great nephew Charles `Hillcrest` MacDonald MacKinnon.

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