Associated People: MacCallum, Mrs Jean, Balevullin (1936 - 2013)


Two old photo albums ca 1930

Two card-bound photograph albums containing a collection of black & white prints and postcards from the early 1900s. Appear to relate to the families of Jean MacCallum, Balevullin, MacNeill, Croft View, Balephuil, and Eilidh Kennedy (nee MacNeill), Balevullin. Most have no associated information. Some that do are digitised and accessioned separately (2014.5.2-xx; U1xx-U1xx).


Audio recordings of Jean MacCallum of Balevullin talking to Maggie Campbell on 20/6/2007.

Two cassette tapes (labelled AC430 1 & 2) of Jean MacCallum, Balevullin, talking with Maggie Campbell in June 2007. Tape 1 – about her trip to Orkney with Tiree Rural Development, the differences and similarities between the farming practices and way of life there, and the different resources on Orkney. Tape 2 – about her trip with Tiree Rural Development to Orkney and the hand-knitted jackets and waistcoats made there.


Colour photograph of Jean MacCallum nee Watson of Balevullin, with a cow named ‘Lady Kathryn’.


When Jean’s grandson was courting his future wife, he bought a milking cow so that she could experience milk straight from a cow. He named the cow Lady Kathryn after her, and they made butter under Jean’s supervision. Unfortunately, however, the cow was bad tempered and only Jean was able to milk her.


Jean MacCallum talking about school clothes in the 1940s

Sound clip in English of Jean MacCallum talking about school clothes in the 1940s.

Courtesy of Mrs Jean MacCallum

In a recording made in August in 2005, Mrs Jean MacCallum of Balevullin talks to Maggie Campbell about the clothes she wore to school in the 1940s. At the age of two, Jean was sent by Glasgow Corporation to be fostered by Alexander and Catherine Kennedy of Balevullin.

When she was fifteen, Jean was taken from Tiree by Glasgow Corporation, very much against her own and her foster family’s wishes, and placed in a Salvation Army home in Pollockshields. She was only returned to the island after her foster family took the matter to court.

Growing up on a Tiree croft, Jean developed a life-long love of the outdoors and of cattle. She later discovered that crofting was in her blood; her paternal grandmother had farmed into her eighties.


CD `Voices – Tiree, Part 1` recorded by the BBC in An Iodhlann in February 2005.

BBC recording of Iain MacKinnon, Maggie Campbell, Jean MacCallum, Angus MacLean and Mairi Campbell talking about Tiree words in An Iodhlann in February 2005.