Associated People: MacArthur, Ms Katie, Tiree


Photograph of nurses who helped at the HMS Sturdy wrecking in 1940

Black & white photograph of a group of six nurses at Shieldhall Fever Hospital, Glasgow, in 1937-1940. Two of them, Elizabeth `Bessie` Barr, Lanarkshire (back row, right) and `Big` Katie MacArthur,Tiree (back row, centre) were on holiday on Tiree when HMS Sturdy ran onto rocks at Sandaig during a storm in October 1940, with the loss of five lives. The two nurses attended the survivors and were given salvaged souvenirs from the ship as thank-you gifts (see spoon and badge 2012.94.2 & 3). Bessie Barr was the donor`s mother.



Photograph of nurses Elizabeth `Bessie` Barr with the MacArthur family on Tiree in 1939

Black & white photograph of the MacArthur family of Tiree, including `Big` Katie MacArthur and Archie MacArthur, sitting on rocks with Bessie Barr, Lanarkshire, in 1939. Bessie and Katie were both nurses at Shieldhall Fever Hospital, Glasgow, and Bessie regularly spent her holidays on Tiree. It was on one of these holidays, when the two nurses helped the crew of HMS Sturdy when it was wrecked on rocks at Sandaig in 1940.