Associated People: MacArthur, Mr Archibald, Barrapol (1923 - 1993)


Photograph of footballer John MacKenzie, Caoles, with Archie MacArthur, Barrapol, and Hector MacKinnon, Sandaig, in the 1950s.

Black & white photograph of footballer John MacKenzie, Harbour, Caoles, with Archie MacArthur, Barrapol/Middleton, and Hector MacKinnon, Sandaig, in the 1950s.



Booklet `Winds of Change` 2004

Booklet tracing the history of Tiree`s weather station and early flights to the island, the RAF, traditional methods of forecasting the weather and weather extremes. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Black and white photograph of Captain David Barclay`s retirement ceremony in 1965.

Captain David Barclay`s retirement ceremony at Renfrew airport in 1965. L-R: Colin MacPhail, Crossapol; Fireman Willie Lyons, Mannal; Tiree Airport Superintendent Archie MacArthur, Barrapol; Leading Fireman Donald Archie MacPhail, Balephuil; Captain David Barclay; Fireman Willie MacLean, Balinoe; Fireman Hugh MacKinnon, Heanish; Air Traffic Controller Tim Wright; Renfrew Airport Manager Charlie Shields.



Black & white photograph of Archie MacArthur, Barrapol (1923-1993) in around 1970.  Archie ‘BEA’ was Tiree Airport Superintendent during 1961-1988.


Courtesy of Mrs Ishbel MacArthur

A former policeman with the Stirling and Clackmananshire Police Force, Archie MacArthur of Barrapol started work at Tiree airport in 1960 on the retirement of Colin MacPhail. Universally known as Archie BEA, he was a larger than life figure.

He welcomed everybody when the plane arrived, a different greeting to each person, and would remember the names of visitors. One day when he was sporting a new BEA tie he was asked what the letters stood for. ‘It’s Big Èairdsidh’s Airways,’ he replied, referring to the Gaelic spelling of his name.

Archie retired in 1988, a well-known figure to all those who passed through Tiree’s airport. When he died in 1993, his funeral was one of the largest in living memory.


Audio cassette recording of Angus MacKechnie and Ailig MacArthur interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Kilmoluaig on 10/9/2002.

Angus MacKechnie of Crossapol and Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol talk to Maggie Campbell in September 2002 about their memories of working with Tiree Airport manager Archie MacArthur (Archie BEA).