Associated People: MacArthur, Mr Alec, Heylipol


Video recordings of TV programmes about crofting on Tiree, 1985-86

VHS video of recordings of two TV programmes about crofting on Tiree: (1) (Track 3) STV`s `Scotland Today – The Crofter`s Way` recorded in 1985 about crofting in Tiree and featuring Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol, crofters John and Hugh MacKinnon, thatchers Alexander MacNeil and Hector Brown, Jean MacKay of Balemartine and Janice Monaghan of Heanish, crofters Lachie MacKinnon of Parkhouse and Alastair MacInnes of Ruaig, and teacher Margaret MacKay, (2) (Track 3) Extract from Channel 4`s `Edgeland` recorded in 1986 (?) about crofting in the Highlands and Islands and featuring Tiree with Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol and Alastair MacInnes of Ruaig.


Compilation of video clips regarding Tiree, around 1985-2000

Compilation VHS cassette tape of 6 video clips related to Tiree in Gaelic & English, from the belongings of Jim MacIntyre; (1) Tiree Windsurfing on STV in 1989. (00:00:00 – 00:21:35) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 31), (2) `Edgeland` 1986 with cofting on Tiree, lamb sales and interviews with Alec MacArthur and Alasdair MacInnes. (00:21:35 – 00:31:44) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 55), (3) Tiree Feis 1996 (00:31:44 – 01:01:23) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 60), (4) `Aite Mo Ghaoil` 1993 with Wilma Kennedy, footage of Tiree and interviews with Peigi Chaimbeul, Floraidh Nic Phail and Uisdean MacIlleathain. (01:01:23 – 01:26:39) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 80), (5) Touring Tiree in a Car. (01:26:39 – 01:27:22) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 120), (6) Burns Lunch at Tiree High School in 1993. (01:27:11 – 01:42:27) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 117).


Audio cassette recording of Angus MacKechnie and Ailig MacArthur interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Kilmoluaig on 10/9/2002.

Angus MacKechnie of Crossapol and Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol talk to Maggie Campbell in September 2002 about their memories of working with Tiree Airport manager Archie MacArthur (Archie BEA).


Audio cassette recording of Ailig MacArthur, Heylipol, interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Heylipol on 24/5/2002.

Maggie Campbell talks to Ailig MacArthur (Ailig a’ Chìobair) of Heylipol in 2002 about his work as fireman at Tiree airport and the different types of service planes used, crofting and how its affected by the Environmentally Sensitive Area scheme and the grant system, how crofts are being amalgamated into farms, cattle sales and the local wildlife especially geese, the shops in Balemartine and Balephuil and the shop vans, story-telling. Tha Ailig Mac Artair (Ailig a’ Chìobair) a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul ann an 2002, mu ’n obair a bh’ aige aig Port Adhair Thiriodh, nuair a bha e na fhear-smalaidh, na h-itealan a bha air an cleachdadh, croitearachd agus mar a tha an sgeama an ‘Environmentally Sensitive Area’, a’ beantal do ’n eilean, mar tha croitean air an cur còmhla mar bhaile-fhearainn, fèill cruidh, eunlainn an eilean, gu sònraichte na geòidh, bùthan ann am Baile Mhàrtainn agus Bail’ a’ Phuill, carabadan agus naidheachdan.