Associated People: Langley, Mr Stewart, Kirkapol


Black & white photograph of Fire Service personnel at an event, possibly an award ceremony, at the Lodge or Scarinish Hotel around 1990. Back L-R: Fire Master J Jameson; Councillor I Bell; Volunteer Leading Fireman Stewart Langley, Kirkapol; SDO Martin, Volunteer Leading Fireman Ian MacLeod, Kilmoluaig. Front L-R: Volunteer Fireman Alasdair MacDonald, Mannal (wearing a medal); Mary Flora MacDonald, Mannal; Mrs Josie Fletcher, Balemartine; Volunteer Fireman John Fletcher, Balemartine (wearing a medal); Vice Convener J Donnolly.



Photograph of the wedding of Mairi MacPhail ,daughter of Neil MacPhail (Registrar) and George Griffiths wedding, ca 1970

Black & white photograph of the wedding of Mairi MacPhail and George Griffiths 1970. L-R: Stuart Langley and wife Ann Langley; George Griffiths; Mairi MacPhail ; Maggie MacKinnon; Margaret Leckie (now MacIntyre); Ella Donald; Gordon Donald. Maggie and Ella were sisters. Mairi MacPhail was the daughter of Neil (the Registrar) and Chrissie MacPhail, Kirkapol(Original stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1)



Printout from donor`s website about the Volunteer Fire Brigade on Tiree.

Information about the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Tiree stationed at Scarinish and Balemartine between 1938 and 1998.


Colour photograph of the Tiree pipe band playing outside the Scarinish Hotel in the 1980s.

The Tiree pipe band playing outside the Scarinish Hotel after a regatta in the 1980s. L-R: John Currie, Balinoe; Willie MacLean, Balinoe; Mairi Brown, Balevullin; Iain MacDonald, Balemartine; Gordon Connell, Crossapol; Lachie Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Morag MacArthur, Caoles; Stuart Langley, Kirkapol.



Audio cassette recording of Stewart Langley interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Kirkapol on 17/11/01

Stewart Langley of Kirkapol talks to Maggie Campbell in November 2001 about his time in the Volunteer Fire Service from 1967 to 2001, about the fire engines, breathing apparatus and fire hazards, the difficulties of recruiting fire-fighters and the improvements he’s seen during his time in the service.