Associated People: Lamont, Mr Donald, Cornaigbeg (1829 - 1909)


Donald Lamont with his children

Photograph of Donald Lamont (1829-1909) with his children.


Courtesy of Mr Gene Lamont

Sarah MacDonald was nine years old when she and her widowed mother left Salum to emigrate to Canada in the late 1840s. Her mother died during the voyage but she was fostered by a family of MacKinnons and settled with them in Kincardine Township in Ontario.

She married a native of Tiree, Donald Lamont, the son of Peter Lamont and Ann MacLean, crofters with a large family who emigrated from Cornaigbeg in 1851. Sarah, with her love of books and learning and ability to read and write in Gaelic and English, became a school teacher.

The couple had nine children although Sarah became paralysed from the waist down after her sixth pregnancy. Confined to her home, she concentrated on the education of her children. In later years an acquaintance of the family observed ‘that all a Lamont needs to make him or her happy is a book.’

Black and white photograph of Donald Lamont and his children in the 1870s.

Donald Lamont (1829-1909), husband of Sarah MacDonald, with their children in the 1870s.


Copy of a black and white photograph of Donald Lamont (1829-1909) of Cornaigbeg.

Donald Lamont (1829-1909), the son of Peter Lamont and Ann MacLean of Cornaigbeg. Donald accompanied his parents, uncle, and eight siblings to Canada in July 1851 aboard the Conrad. They settled in Kincardine Township of Bruce County, Ontario, where Donald married Sarah (Marion) MacDonald about 1860. Donald and his wife moved to Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1894.