Associated People: Lamont, Captain John, Ruaig (1804 - 1866)


Image of an envelope addressed to John Lamont, Hong Kong, 1859

Printed image from an auction website of an envelope addressed to John Lamont, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, in 1859, with additional information about the auction item. John Lamont emigrated from Ruaig, Tiree, in 1820 and became a successful and well known shipbuilder in Hong Kong.


Extract from death register and information about Captain John Lamont, Ruaig (1804-1866)

Copy of the death register for Master Shipbuilder Captain John Lamont (Iain na Hongs), Ruaig, from, and information about his family and activities in Hong Kong in the mid 1800s in an email from Kathleen Kennedy to John Holliday in Sept. 2011.

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