Associated People: Holliday, Dr John, Baugh


DVD of a tribute to Gordon Connell`s accordion teaching on Tiree, 2013

DVD of a tribute to accordion teachers made by MG Alba in Gaelic to be screened at Feis Thiriodh 2013, beginning with Gordon Connell, Crossapol, who has been teaching accordion at Tiree High School since the 1970s. Includes footage of Tiree landscapes, dancing in the old community hall, a photograph of Murray Omand, and interviews with Angus MacPhail, Ruaig, Flora MacPhail, Ruaig, Dr John Holliday, Balephuil, and Alastair MacLean (Billy the Box), Barrapol.


CD of recordings from The Secret Island history conference, Tiree 2013.

CD of recordings from the three-day history conference held at An Talla on 30th May to 1st June 2013, and organised by The Islands Book Trust, Lewis, with An Iodhlann. Includes talks and speeches given by local and visiting experts.


Booklet `Water from the Seventh Wave` 2001

Booklet about the history of health and healing on Tiree, from superstitions and traditional remedies to lay doctors, diseases, dentists, appointed GPs, nurses and ambulance services. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Collection of pieces of iron slag and pottery fragments

Two pieces of iron slag (lumps of residue from iron smelting), the rim of an iron pot and four pieces of pottery found in Balevullin machair in 2010, indicating that iron was being made on Tiree in Iron Age times. Found 100m north of Fiona MacKinnon`s house by Dr John Holliday. Thought to be the first evidence of Iron Age metal working from Tiree. The pottery may have been used as crucibles to melt iron ore, which is available on the island.


Photograph of Catriona Smythe hand cheque for genealogical research to Duncan Grant

Colour photograph of Catriona Smythe handing a cheque for £1,360 from Louise MacDougall of the `Friends of Tyree Genie-ology` project (in memory of Gene MacKinnon) to Duncan Grant in June 2010. Dr John Holliday is standing. Original stored in filing cabinet 9, drawer 3.



BBC LAB film “Seaside Stories – Tiree”

DVD of BBC LAB film of Tiree adults talking about life on Tiree and the possible effects of a proposed offshore windfarm on the island. Filmed at the Tiree Fèis 2010. Iain MacKinnon, Hillcrest interviews Yolanda MacDonald, Gordon Scott, Josie Fletcher, Eilidh Campbell, Jackie Jones, Sarah Holliday, Donald Meek, Iona Brown, Archie John MacLean, John Holliday, Iain Brown and others. Ceilidh at An Talla.


Transcript of audio recordings AC351 & AC352 made by Nanette Mitchell

Typed transcript of audio minidisk recordings (AC351 & AC352) of Angus MacLean, Scarinish, Duncan Grant, Ruaig, Alasdair Sinclair, Brock, and Dr John Holliday, Baugh, talking in 2004 about the old days in Caoles. Transcribed by Nanette Mitchell.