Associated People: Connell, Mr Gordon, Crossapol


Colour photograph of the staff at Tiree High School in the early 1970s.

The staff at Tiree High School in the early 1970s. L-R: (standing) Bob Eaves, English; Gordon Duncan, Science; Paul Beresford, French; Gordon Connell, Modern Studies; (sitting) Margaret Eaves, Primary; Bill Rowan, Technical; Roy MacPherson, Head 1970-1979; Cath MacPherson, Primary; Jean Cross, Home Economics; Tom Robertson, Art.



Colour photograph of Tiree Pipe Band at the opening of An Talla in July 2004.

Tiree Pipe Band playing at the opening of An Talla on 1st July 2004. Clockwise from extreme left: Pipe Major Duncan MacLean, Angus MacPhail, unknown, Niall MacKinnon, Ben Williams, Ian MacDonald, Kenneth MacKinnon, Sophie Isaacson, John Isaacson, Gordon Connell, Scott Brown, Andrew Findlater, Iain Smith, Michael Holliday, John MacLean (centre).



Colour photograph of the `Oldies` football team in July 2000.

The `Oldies` football team who played against the women`s team on the Reef in July 2000. L-R: (back) Dr John Holliday, Baugh; Donald MacDonald, Vaul; Bernie Smith, West Hynish; Stuart Smith, Crossapol; Iain Gillies, Scarinish; Roddy MacKay, Balemartine; Hugh MacInnes, Salum; (front) Gordon Connell, Crossapol; Ronnie MacGowan, Heylipol; Gordon Scott, Cornaigmore; Alan Worsley, Crossapol.



Tutors at the first Fèis Thiriodh

Photograph of the tutors at the first Fèis Thiriodh outside Tiree High School in 1990.


Fèis Thiriodh (the Tiree Festival) started in 1990, following the success of the first Fèis on Barra in 1981. The Fèis is a means of celebrating and transmitting local culture by encouraging young people to sing, play and dance, using Gaelic wherever possible.

The Fèis takes place in the second week of July each year. Between sixty to eighty children from nine to sixteen years old take part in classes for accordion, fiddle, drums, singing, dancing, keyboard, pipes and whistle. Recently mouth organ has become popular. Shinty is also played on the school playing fields.

During the winter the Fèis committee organises instrumental classes at the school and winter ceilidhs. Over the years the island has produced a disproportionate number of musicians, particularly accordion players tutored by Gordon Connell, and pipers tutored by Robert Beck.

Black and white photograph of the tutors at the 1990 Feis Thiriodh.

The tutors at the 1990 Feis Thiriodh outside Tiree High School. L-R: (standing) Alistair Hunter, Tommy Johnston, Donald Iain Brown, Gordon Connell, Roddy Campbell, Don MacKenzie, (sitting) Florence Burns, Anne Johnstone, Mairi MacArthur, unknown, (kneeling) Mark Fallon, Arthur Donald.


Black and white photograph of the Tiree Pipe Band.

The Tiree Pipe Band at the Tiree Association Sports on 22nd July 1967. L-R: (back row) Gordon Connell, James Baxter, ? Campbell, Hugh MacLean, Stewart Langley, Neil MacPhail, Lachlan MacFadyen, (front row) vet Robert Beck, Colin Brown, Hugh MacEachern, Ann Sinclair, Alasdair Sinclair, Hector J. C. Campbell.



Colour photograph of a ceilidh in the Lodge Hotel in the mid-1980s.

Ceilidh in the Lodge Hotel in the mid-1980s. L-R: Stuart Langley, Kirkapol; Gordon Connell, Crossapol; Donald Berry, Vaul; Bernie Smith, West Hynish; Iain MacKinnon, Barrapol.



Colour photograph of Tiree High School staff in 1972-3.

Tiree High School staff in 1972-3. L-R: (standing) Modern Studies and History teacher Gordon Connell, Crossapol; Headteacher (1970-79) Roy MacPherson; Technical and Woodwork teacher Bill Rowan; Primary teacher Annie MacKinnon, Cornaigmore; Gaelic teacher Flora MacPhail, Ruaig; School secretary ,Anne Langley ,Kirkapol; Science teacher John Wilson, Cornaigmore; Primary teacher Bunty Thomson, Balephetrish; Primary teacher Cath MacPherson.



Colour photograph of 1st year at Tiree High School in 1977.

Secondary 1 at Tiree High School in 1977. L-R: Stuart Coleman, Crossapol; Iain Hamilton, Cornaigbeg; John Curry, Balinoe; Neil MacArthur, Barrapol; (front row) Olwen Carter, Crossapol; Colin MacDonald, Mannal; teacher Gordon Connell, Crossapol; Lorna MacDonald, Balevullin.