Associated People: Campbell, Rev. John Gregorson, Tiree (1836 - 1891)


Hardback book ‘Transactions of The Gaelic Society of Inverness, Volume XVII, 1890-91’, 1892. See ‘Sgoil nan eun, no, mac an fhucadair’ tale by John Gregorson Campbell. (Page 58) Donation label ‘Tiree High School: This book was donated by Gordon D. Donald’.


Final year undergraduate dissertation from the University of Glasgow, 2016, titled ‘Beul-aithris agus an Creideamh Crìostaidh ann an Tiriodh rè Ministrealachd an Urramaich Iain Gregorson Caimbeul, 1861-1891’,  about folk tales and superstitions in relation to Christianity on Tiree with particular reference to minister Rev. John Gregorson Campbell (1836-1891). Entirely in Gaelic, 47 pages.


The Green Island

Transcription of extracts from ‘The Green Island’ by Rev. John Gregorson Campbell.

The eminent folklorist Rev. John Gregorson Campbell (1836-1891) collected many traditional stories, both from Tiree itself and other parts of the west coast, during the time he served as Tiree’s minister.

In the 1880s he wrote an essay about the ‘Green Island’, an enchanted isle in the Atlantic, sometimes above the waves, often submerged, which was believed by some to be west of Tiree. Indeed, a mythical island in the west has been part of European tradition since earliest times.

In his essay Campbell suggested that in the wanderings of the tribes of north-west Europe and the communication between Iceland, Ireland and the Western Isles of Scotland is ‘a clue to the reason of the name Greenland being given to that forbidding region.’