Associated People: Buchanan, Dr Alexander, Baugh (1835 - 1911)


Black and white photograph of Colin and James Buchanan, twins sons of Dr Alexander Buchanan.

Colin and James Buchanan, born in 1873 the twins sons of Dr Alexander Buchanan, Medical Officer for Tiree 1860-1911, and his wife Colina Campbell, daughter of Colin Campbell, the tenant of Balephetrish Farm.



Periodical `The Coll Magazine`, No. 8, 1990.

Articles about seers, emigration ship `Brilliant`, fishing competitions, poetess and pauper Janet MacLean, the school, the church, model aeroplanes, ducks, views on Coll and the Community Council among others.


Audio cassette recording of Hugh MacKinnon of Baugh talking to Dr John Holliday in January 1999.

Hugh MacKinnon of Baugh talks to Dr John Holliday in January 1999 about his early life and memories of his schooldays including the mine that blew up at Scarinish, the construction work in Tiree during the war, the station commander Preston Potts, the RAF base and plane crashes, the people living in Baugh, crofting, Dr Buchanan, the shops, his first bicycle and his father’s work. (Continued on AC90)