Associated People: Brownlie, Mr Neil, Barrapol (1925 - 2015)


Card funeral sheet celebrating the life of Neil Brownlie, Barrapol (1925-2015), with a colour photograph of Neil and his dog on the front, and lyrics for two hymns inside (Morning has Broken; The Lord’s My Shepherd). The service was held at Falkirk Crematorium in January 2015. Neil wrote many stories, songs and articles about Gaelic culture and history.


CD “Home to Argyll with Ethel MacCallum”

CD of songs, music, singing and spoken words by Ethel MacCallum who was evacuated to Tiree as a child during the 2nd World War. Includes a song entitled “Goirtean Dòmhnaill (Barapol)”, and works by Niall Brownlie and Cathy Thomson amongst others.


Newspaper article, 1986, “Of seers, witches and ghosts” about 19th century seer John MacLean

Original and photocopy of a newspaper article by Niall M. Brownlie, Barrapol, about John MacLean, Ruaig & Hough, a well known 19th century `seer` of the future who foresaw the first and second world wars, the arrival of the RAF on Tiree, the division of farms into crofts and the disappearance of townships behind Ben Hough (which were buried by wind-blown sand?).