Associated People: Boyd, Mr John Morton, Balephuil (1925 - 1998)

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Three academic papers regarding grey seals, 1959-61

Three reprints of papers written by John Morton Boyd (and others), Balephuil/Edinburgh, from the Proceedings of the Zoological Society, London, regarding the biology of grey seals in the Hebrides: (1)The breeding colony of grey seals on North Rona, 1959; (2) Observations on the grey seal at North Rona in 1960; (3) The grey seal in the Outer Hebrides in October 1961. Each is marked as belonging to Robert Beck, Ruaig.


Pair of carding combs

Pair of wooden carding combs with metal bristles used to `card out` sheeps wool into fine strands, ready for spinning into yarn. Given to John Morton Boyd, Balephuil, by Mrs Chrissie MacArthur and Miss Flora Campbell (Flòraidh a` Bhàird), Balemartine, on 9th July 1973. Includes a handwritten note by Morton Boyd about the combs.



Collection of metal tools from a ruin in the 1970s

Assemblage of eight black-painted tools, length of straw rope and a pair of glasses, collected by Ailean Boyd from ruins in the 1970s: forge tongs, head of an open clay spade used for heavy soils of bottoms of ditches, pony shoe, turf edger head, hammer wrench, ash scraper, fork head, unknown head.


Collection of correspondence in relation to An Iodhlann

Large collection of letters and faxes between Dr. John Holliday and others including Ann Donaldson, Prof. Donald Meek, Patrick Lormimer, Mary Norton Scherbatskoy, Hugh MacLean, Margaret A. MacKay (School of Scottish Studies), Dr. J. Morton Boyd and Micheal Stanfield of the Hebridean Trust. The material contains information about the setting up of An Iodhlann.


Red deer bone awl found by Dr Morton Boyd in Balephuil in 1995.

Red deer bone 125 mm long and 25-35 mm wide with one end shaped into a point, found by Dr Morton Boyd on 27/1/1995 on the bank of the stream at Balephuil embedded in a layer of limpet shells and sand/soil at a depth of around 3 m in the dunes.

Tiree in 100 Objects – 89 – Bone awl

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects

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