Associated People: Beck, Mr Robert, Ruaig (1926 - 2014)

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Article in the Scots Magazine by Peter Myres recalling his maritime adventures around Tiree in 2009. Titled ‘Boat Daft on Tiree’ he writes about the ferries and puffers and a trip to Coll. Includes colour photographs of Travee from Balephuil, the ferry Claymore in 1962, hoisting a old Alvis car from the Claymore, the puffer Lascar, and Sheena Beck, Ruaig, with her children Drew, Robin and Margaret in 1962. Pages 408-412.


Photograph of a young boy and baby

Black & white portrait photograph of an unknown 3-4 year old boy with a baby in white christening gown, ca 1960s. Possibly members of Beck family as found with other photographs belonging to Robert Beck, Ruaig. Taken in the studio of Weir Bros., Glasgow & Greenock. (Original photograph stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1).



Photograph of a wedding party on Coll, in the late 1960s

Black & white photograph of a wedding party being led along the pier road on Coll by piper Robert Beck, in the late 1960s. Photographed by Geoffrey Cole, Oban. Formerly mounted with a 1970 calendar insert. (Original photograph and mount/calendar stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1).



Book `Ferries in Scotland`, 1988

Softback book `Ferries in Scotland` by Marie Weir about the development of communicaitons in Scotland, over 400 ferry sites, ferryman`s way of life, and difficulties faced. Tiree is mentioned on page 157, with regard to inducing the ferryman at Scarinish to provide a competitive service.

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