Associated People: Beck, Mr Robert, Ruaig (1926 - 2014)

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Article in the Scots Magazine by Peter Myres recalling his maritime adventures around Tiree in 2009. Titled ‘Boat Daft on Tiree’ he writes about the ferries and puffers and a trip to Coll. Includes colour photographs of Travee from Balephuil, the ferry Claymore in 1962, hoisting a old Alvis car from the Claymore, the puffer Lascar, and Sheena Beck, Ruaig, with her children Drew, Robin and Margaret in 1962. Pages 408-412.


Photograph of Robert Beck with four young pipers in 2000

Colour photograph of Robert Beck at the Senior Citizens` Party in the Tiree Lodge Hotel on 15 Dec. 2000, surrounded by young pipers. L-R: Kenneth MacKinnon, David Hunter, Robert Beck, Ben Williams, Martin Gillespie. On the reverse of the photograph is written “Mr Beck and his boys”. (Original photograph stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1).



Photograph of a young boy and baby

Black & white portrait photograph of an unknown 3-4 year old boy with a baby in white christening gown, ca 1960s. Possibly members of Beck family as found with other photographs belonging to Robert Beck, Ruaig. Taken in the studio of Weir Bros., Glasgow & Greenock. (Original photograph stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1).



Photograph of a wedding party on Coll, in the late 1960s

Black & white photograph of a wedding party being led along the pier road on Coll by piper Robert Beck, in the late 1960s. Photographed by Geoffrey Cole, Oban. Formerly mounted with a 1970 calendar insert. (Original photograph and mount/calendar stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1).


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