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Letter about Leonard Revilliod, RAF Tiree 1944

Letter from Mrs Hilary Sigmund to Dr John Holliday suggesting that Leonard Revilliod was not Czech and did not fly with the Czech air force. His grandfather was Czech President Tomas Masaryk who married an American. Their daughter Olga was brought up as a Unitarian, married ? Revilliod and gave birth to Leonard, who may also have been brought up Unitarian. Leonard Revilliod was flying with RAF Tiree when his plane collided with another in 1944 over Tiree, with the loss of all 16 airmen on both aircraft.


Death certificate of Leonard Revilliod, RAF Tiree, 1944

Copy of death certificate of Flying Officer Leonard Revilliod (grandson of the first President of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Masaryk), who served with the RAF on Tiree during WWII. He was one of 16 airmen who died during a mid-air collision between two Halifax aircraft during a training flight over Tiree. (On the death certificate his name is mis-spelt as Revilloid)


Photocopied letter dated 25/2/2003 from the Director of Masarykuv Ustav in Prague, Czech Republic.

Letter dated 25/2/2003 from Marie Neudorflova, Director of Masarykuv Ustav in Prague, Czech Republic, thanking the donor for the photographs, newspaper cutting and other information about Leonard Revlliod, the grandson of Tomas Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslavakia, who was killed in air crash on Tiree on 16/8/1944.


Black and white photograph of the funeral held at Soroby on 20/8/1944.

The funeral at Soroby graveyard of the airmen who died in a mid-air collision on 16th August 1944. The funeral was held on the 20th August. One of the dead was Flt. Lt. Leonard Revilliod whose grandfather, Tomas Masaryk, was the first President of Czechoslovakia. Attending the funeral were Leonard`s mother, Olga Masaryk (daughter of Tomas Masaryk) and Jan Masaryk (Olga`s brother), who was the Czech Ambassador to the UK. Olga Masaryk married Dr Henri Revilliod.